Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Has it really been that long?

I’ve gotten busy. Well, there’s still my competing tendency for slothfulness. I can always find something to occupy my time away from all those things I should be doing – especially spending time with God. I have constant fodder for prayers of forgiveness, which I’m sure God’s quite tired of me repeating.
I really appreciate the times when God’s voice comes through, crystal clear. I’m not good at stilling myself to listen, so He must have really been shouting on this one.
My oldest two boys are headed on a spring break mission to Mexico in April – which isn’t cheap. After a few weeks of wondering just exactly what God had up his sleeve for funding these little darlings, I realized the teens hadn’t done any fund raising activities for awhile. I thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder who’s working on those Mexico fundraisers.”
Very, very clearly, God answered, “You are.”
Instant panic: “Who? ME!???”
God, confidently: “Yep.”
“Isn’t there anyone else?” Well, sure; He could use somebody else if I had flat out refused to heed Him. It was hard for me to deny He was putting this very strongly upon my heart.
Still trying to weasel out of this, I thought, “I’ve never done any fund raising organization before.”
God, again, very plainly and reassuringly let me know, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve done it millions of times.”
He has done this millions of times! So far, things are progressing right along. He’s provided me with wonderful people willing to assist, make suggestions, and be generous beyond my expectations. (Silly me for having limited expectations in the first place!) We have several more events. While they will be hard work, I’m not concerned about their success. They will go just exactly as God intends them to go. We’ll put out the information and provide the event; God will do the rest.
Before bed, maybe I’ll play just one more game of Rummikub? Ok, ok…prayers instead!